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About is a leading supplier of scarves to the New York Tri-State area and to the world through the internet.

We are a family business that holds the value of excellent customer service in the highest regard. We only sell merchandise that we are 100% proud of and believe in, so you know you will always have a quality product and excellent service, it is how we have run our wholesale business for over 10 years.

WholesalePAshminaScarves is a spinoff of HandBagsCentral, the internet pioneer in wholesale handbags for the last 10 years.

VWhat started a few years ago as an ancillary side business to help grow our sales numbers during the off season has ballooned into a huge part of our business. So large in fact that it had become abundantly clear that the scarf business needed its own online presence. And so was born

We take the same approach to scarves that we have taken for a decade in the handbag business. We source the best quality items possible and pass them along to our customers at the absolute best prices possible. Our prices are so good for this level of quality, that of the 100's of thousands of scarves we have sold to date, not one customer has ever had a negative comment about either the quality or the price. That is truly something we are proud of.

After spending years and countless hours flying off to Asia, South America, and Europe to get an education in fashion, quality, and production, we feel that none of our competitors are better equipped to handle the needs of our customers. This truly puts us in a unique position to give the customer the best service possible and to use our knowledge of the industry to work with the customer as a successful team. This new site will allow us to serve you in even better ways than we ever imagined possible a few years ago.

Most of our 7,000 strong customer base has been with us for 4-10 years. They are the key to our success, they were there from our beginnings, and we all grew together. I now look forward with great excitement to start all over again with, but this time, taking all of the knowledge accrued thus far and making even better than anything we have done before.

Of course, I am always here for any questions, or just to offer advice in any way with your business, after all, we truly do consider you an integral part of our team.

To all of our great customers and friends, thank you for sticking with us, and we look forward to growing even stronger with all of you!